How to sell


Register and Start Selling Today 


It is really easy to begin selling on Homfer, follow these steps if you want to do it:

Step 1.  Register as a seller

Step 2.  Upload you products 

Step 3.  Wait for an order to come

Step 4.  Confirm and deliver purchased item to the buyer

Step 5.  Recieve the money to your bank account 

You are welcome to sell your products on our marketplace! 

1. Register as a seller.

To begin selling your products you need to register as a seller on

Please prepare the following for registering on

  • Your company's business name, business address, phone number
  • Pick up adddress for your products that will be used by transport companies and your buyers
  • Your valid business bank account
  • Digital copy of ID of the owner of the company(ID card, passport or driving license)
  • Digital copy of  company's TAX(VAT) or registration certificate

NOTE:  In order to sell on Homfer your company has to be registered in one of these Countries.

The registration process is very easy and your products will be avaliable for purchasing on immediately after we verify your data. It may take us up to 24 hours to verify your data.

Find out a detailed manual of how to register by clicking here.

It is very important to create the appearance of your online store on Homfer, to fill in all the important data about you company, to upload your logotype and some photos. It will build trust and improve consumer confidence to your company and products. It will eventually help to improve your sales on Homfer. Find out a detailed manual of how to design yor online shop on Homfer by clicking here.

2. Upload you products

While registering on Homfer you will be required to upload at least one product in order to understand product uploading process. You are able to upload products one by one or in bulk by uploading filled in Exel and photo Zip archive files. 

Find out a detailed manual of how to upload products by clicking here.

Find out a detailed manual of how to upload many products in xls file by clicking here.

3. Wait for an order to come

You will recieve an email from Homfer of a new purchase made by a buyer, you will also recieve a notification to you Homfer seller account. It is possible to improve sales and shorten waiting time by using promotion tools available on Homfer.

Find out a detailed manual about promotion tools by clicking here.

4. Confirm and deliver purchased item to the buyer

After you have recieved a notification about a new purchase made by a buyer you need to log into your Homfer seller account and to go to My Shop section. In My Shop section you have to confirm buyer's order if your product is still avaliable for purchasing. You have up to 7 days to confirm the order otherwise the order will be cancelled automaticly. You need to deliver your the product to the buyer in up to 25 days otherwise the order will be cancelled automaticly. If everyting is good with the delivered product, Homfer will make a payout to you on 31st day from the date of the order.

Find out a detailed manual of how to confirm orders here

Find out a detailed manual of how to deliver purchased products by clicking here

5.  Recieve the money to your bank account

Homfer deposits payment into your bank account at regular intervals and notifies you that your payment has been sent. Usually we make a payout to you within 31 days since the date of the purchase. Homfer charges all applicable fees at the moment of making a payout to you. You can check out a detailed financial report in the Finance subsection of My Shop section of you Homfer seller account.

Find out a detailed manual of how to check a financial report by clicking here.



Is is important to read and comply with this Important notice for international sellers.

If you cannot comply with the requirements of this registration, please do NOT continue with this registration process.

Be aware that local laws and restrictions may apply when you start selling your goods to the countries different from your country of origin on marketplace. In addition to our Homfer Services Business Solutions Agreement you must read and adhere to our International Seller Rules. To name a few for selling on

  • Meet customer expectations: provide customer service in English or in his local language during local business hours, state the ‘shipping from’ country, allow longer lead times when you ship remotely, list your product sales price and include in it all applicable taxes such as VAT and any customs duties, ability to provide VAT invoices in English or in customer's local language, provide an address for customer returns or offer free return shipments.
  • Adhere to all applicable local laws, e.g. product compliance and labeling requirements, and intellectual property rights.
  • Never import goods in the name of Homfer or show Homfer as declarant, importer of record or consignee.
  • You must adhere to any local tax requirements. Selling in or exporting to a country might trigger local tax obligations. Be aware of Intrastat reporting requirements for intra-EU shipments.
  • To be paid, you need to provide a bank account in a country supported by Click here to see the list of supported countries.


Do you accept our agreements?


By clicking on the Sign Up and Next buttons in the process of registration on Homfer, you agree to the terms of the agreements and policies listed below and you warrant and represent that you are either 1) opening the Selling on Homfer payment account for your own private purposes and will not be using it on behalf of another person; or 2) duly authorized to register for the Selling on Homfer payment account and agree to the relevant terms by the Company you represent, and that the Selling on Homfer payment account will be used only for the business and commercial purposes of the Company opening the account.